The Chess News is produced three times a year for ex-students and past staff members. For many, this is how they keep up-to-date with old school friends whom they rarely see. Chess News includes news of the school, advertises upcoming reunions and events, and profiles an ex-student in the alumni@work section.

CHESS appreciates contributions from ex-students, particularly if they are aware of any achievements that we can acknowledge. We also pay tribute to the passing of any former students. Submissions of about 100 words can be sent to or by mail to: CHESS, PO Box 1101, Surrey Hills North LPO, 3127. They must reach the Editor by mid-February, June or September.

Chess News is sent by email or post. Please inform us of any change of address so that your copy arrives. We hope you enjoy each publication and that you will stay in touch.

Here are past copies of Chess News:

2018                     March; July  

2017                     November    (Audio of Tommy and Carrier with Jill);  July;  March

2016                     NovemberJulyMarch

2015                     November;   July;   March

2014                     November;  August;  April

2013                     November; July; March

2012                     OctoberJuly