Principal Elida Brereton continued to ensure new works and renovations matched increasing enrolments. Students toured overseas, interstate and to regional Victoria for a variety of educational activities and the Year 12 students achieved outstanding results that led to university places. Music and sport continued to have a high profile.


1994–2009: Elida Brereton

School Captains

2003: Claire Graham; Michael Ham

2004: Salma Sarmini; Jono Joffe

2006: Simon Kershaw; Casa Casiano

2008: Mary-Jane Fernandez; John Gatip

SRC Presidents

2003: Heidi Chrysikos; Daniel Victory

2004: Adam Flavell; Rebecca Lunnon

2006: Sokratis Lakrindis; Carolyn Hughes

2008: Dylan Jones; Claudine Foley

House Captains


Churchill Macarthur Montgomery Roosevelt


Bronagh Kelly
Michael Sterry
Tallulah Kritzer-Sutcliffe Ross Quick Rachael Hands
Jonathon Joffe
Dijana Topaloska
Viv Buckley


Johanna Taylor
James Douglas
Libby Nelson
Zac Barry
Jane Kasby
Scott MacKinven
Maddy Woodward
Pat Buckley


Kevin Wong
Inez Madkhul
Kyle Minall
Katrina Pantzopoulos
Jasson Markessinis
Sally Ly
David Roberts
Jemma Podem


Ben Johnston
Mikaela Bocquet
Charlie Angley
Amber McEwin
Hugh McRae
Kate Kasby
Alex Pucar
Bronte Hamilton


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Staff photo, 2000

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